You have a problem about the survey and its execution ?

You have below some answers to the frequently asked questions about the survey and its execution. We remain at your disposal for further information.

    • Will the Opinea Panel or one of their partners have access to my answers?

There is never a direct link between your personal details (name, address) and your survey answers. We have the same agreements with our partners.

    • How long do I have to complete the survey?

Usually you need to reply within 3 to 10 days. The email inviting you to take part in the survey will give you more precise details. A reminder email will be sent to you several days after the initial invitation email.

    • Will the Opinea Panel try to sell me something?

No. The Opinea Panel will never try to sell you anything, nor will we send you unsolicited mail from our partners.

    • How long do the online surveys take, on average?

On average a survey takes between 5 and 30 minutes. We do everything possible to make the surveys as short and as straightforward as possible.


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